What to Expect From Online Dating?

The Internet today is doing more than just helping bridge spatial gap between lovers – it even helps probable lovers find each other. That is made possible through sites offering dating services. Dating online basically allows people to “date” without actually having to personally go out. Dating sites are all over the Internet appealing to the curiosity of more and more people who have yet to fully accept the idea. Most tend to ask themselves: “should I try online dating?” To answer that question, it is best to know the usual pros and cons.

One good thing about dating online is that, through this, one can meet a variety of people without even having to leave one’s room. Members of a general dating site are from all over the world and they are all accessible in a click of the mouse. Now that is a time-saver. No need to lunch out or bar hop just to get an acquaintance. This will be especially helpful to people too busy to frequently go out.

Also, one can meet not just “a lot of people” but a lot of people from different locales, hence different cultural backgrounds and personalities.

Another good thing about online dating is having members’ profiles. Assessing who one could get along with is easier because the profiles include members’ interests, activities, and likes and dislikes, aside from general personal information like name, location, and gender.

Aside from the busybodies, online dating also helps the timid ones who are not good at starting conversation with someone up front. Furthermore, rejection would not be a big deal for them, at least not as much as when it happens face-to-face.

However, there are also negative aspects to online dating. One major drawback in online dating is misrepresentation. Not all dating sites do background check making it easy for someone to give a fictitious name, misleading photos, and false civil status.

In online dating, one can purposely use a false identity and interact with other daters only to collect email addresses to be used for spamming, or to extort money after gaining the member’s trust. A married dater could pretend to be single and deceive members who would prefer not to date married ones.

Also, it can be costly. Although there are sites offering free online dating services, some sites require weekly, monthly, or yearly fees. Other sites claim they are free sites and one can view their database of members without pay but interacting with the members or using other services of the site entails fees. Sending virtual gifts, which is a common feature of a dating site, usually comes for a price.

Lastly, through online dating one misses the unique experience that only actual dating can provide.

Should I try online dating? If one is thinking of this same question, here is what one can do: weigh these online dating pros and cons first and whatever decision one arrives upon always proceed with caution.