4 Most Popular Dating Sites

Online matchmaking has become big business these days. The online dating site has virtually wiped out the tired newspaper personals and that is for good reason. There is so much more that an online dating site can offer. Rather than just a short blurb with a bunch of confusing abbreviations, the online dating site offers the best in all around information. You can easily tell a perspective mate all about yourself, provide a picture and all the contact details that you want with just a few short minutes worth of work. This saves a lot of time and hassle later on, plus you have a better understanding of the person that you are wanting to meet.

Match.com is the premier online dating site to offer so much to so many. Using the very best in software, there is little that you can not tell that special someone with the information. They boast one of the highest success ratings in the business and readily offer to you the testimonies of those who have found love through their site. They often times run specials that make the price all that much more affordable and the deals just keep coming.

Yahoo Personals is one of the more established online dating site. For years Yahoo has been at the forefront of a good many things, including their search engine. To this they added the dating site and that has made them very popular. The easy to use format allows you to find that special someone without any trouble. For the basic service there is no fee, for the extras there is a small but well worth it fee. You will find what you need here if you have the patience.

EHarmony.com is probably the fastest growing online dating site. You will see their ads all over the television and that is no surprise. They are boasting the highest marriage rate of any site and have spent a lot of money to tell the world about it. If you get in at the right time you can get a great package deal price but that is only certain times of the year. They do offer a lot of services, not all of which are good for everyone.

Dating.com is one of the more popular sites that offer online dating. Their claim to fame is the safety and security that comes with their membership as well as the many matches that they have made. There are a good many success stories listed on the site but not all of them have made it to the altar as of yet.