Online Dating – Dating Site Red Flags

When it comes to online dating red flags, please keep your eyes open. To be perfectly honest online dating is like walking through a land mine wearing a blind fold! I have no idea how I am still in one piece after being blown up so many times!

One of the main dating site red flags is; they offer you a free trial but they want your credit card information in advance. Why? I have no idea! Then what happens is they will charge your card if you do not cancel at the end of your free trial. But you had no idea you had to cancel by mail, which means you missed the cancellation date!

Another dating site red flag is that during your free trial you do not have “full access” to their site. While you are browsing you are making notes of the User Names of the singles that have caught your attention. While you are browsing you will receive at least one email that was heaven sent! They are absolutely perfect for you! You begin constructing your email. You are trying to follow my advice and “hook” them with this first email!

Done! And you send it…and wait impatiently…then you receive a response. But it is from that site’s subscription department. Just letting you know you can receive emails from their paying members but you can’t respond. However, “… if you join today you will save an unbelievable amount of money!”

You know what they say…”if it sounds too good to be true…”

To survive the online dating experience, I strongly suggest you arm yourself with the skills you need to find the one for you! It is absolutely impossible for there to be millions of singles online and there isn’t at least one just for you! Good Luck…!