Best Places to Meet Girls

Before you even start to think about meeting girls you have to consider what kind of girl you’d like to meet. Just as you don’t run right out and purchase a car you don’t just walk down the street to the nearest bar, run right in and start talking to a girl. The kind of kind of girl you want will dictate the location you’ll find her in.

Pull out a pen and paper and make yourself a list. You’ll want to write down every place you can think of where women hang out. Be sure to ask your friends for their ideas and perhaps you can all share a master chick pickup list of the best places to meet girls.

If you’d like to find a girl that has a bit of culture and isn’t just a slob or a slow witted thinker you’ll want to attend local cultural events. What’s that you ask? That’s art shows, concerts, plays, food and wine tasting, and other such events. Anything that promotes higher thinking, aesthetics, or community. Women relate to people so where people gather, especially other women you’ll find women.

There’s really no need to go to a far away place. Often you’ll discover there are women right next door! So, how would you meet these women? Sponsor a block party to draw them out of their home and into a situation where they can relate to others around them, including you. One good way to get this going is to have a neighborhood barbeque. Don’t forget the beer.

If you want a girl with a great body the best places to meet girls is health and fitness clubs. Any woman who is concerned enough about her looks and her health should be very high on your list of candidates.

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