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How Do You Get a Guy to Chase You?

How do you get a guy to chase you? Women often think that men are complicated but that’s not entirely true. While men can be assertive and mysterious, they can also be unsure when it comes to approaching women.

If you’re asking “how do you get a guy to chase you,” then what you need to do is figure out how to coax the romantic side in them. There are women who are lucky when it came to men chasing them. But you don’t have to be the one sitting on the sidelines and let those women get all the glory. With a little effort and the right cards, you can get a guy to chase you as well.

Men love a good chase but sometimes they don’t realize it. They might complain about women who play hard to get and claim that they can’t stand these women but secretly, they enjoy it. They reasons why they chase women are because of their ego and to know if they really want this girl.

Men are competitive by nature and they want to go out with a great woman. Obviously, a woman has a lot of options if she’s being wooed by a lot of men. She will then try to find out who she’s compatible with and this would be a challenge for the men. If he gets chosen, then he’s the winner and it will boost his ego.

They also want to find out if this woman is worth keeping. Men do fall in love so when they got the girl to like them, they want to know if they should fall in love with her too. In other words, he’ll wonder if he deserves someone better if you’re too easy to get.

Being a shy wallflower won’t get you anywhere with a guy you like. You need to be assertive and be comfortable in your own skin if you want to impress the man you’re talking to. If you want the guy to chase you, then you should at least be able to carry on a good conversation.

Looking good for your date is a good idea because men appreciate women who make time when it came to their appearance. To feel good, you need to look good and this is also a great way to bolster your confidence.

If you’ve only gone out a couple of times, then try to refrain from having sex. Just because you’re trying to be an assertive and modern woman doesn’t mean you have to be intimate with him in your first or second date. If you want him to keep chasing you, then you need to draw him into the chase. If you give in to sex too quickly, then you’d probably get to the second or third date and you’d never see him again.

So how do you get a guy to chase you? Remember to be assertive and independent. If you’re too shy, then you need to work on it and try to be more confident. Find ways where you can draw him into the chase.