Top 12 Dating Tips And What Not To Do On Your Date

Do have a plan for your date?

Look fellas, We’ve seen this many times with dating. Nothing is more annoying than asking your date “What do you want to do?” or “What do you want to do?” Hello! most ladies would like you to put a little thought into the dating experience. Make a good first impression by planning ahead instead of “wingin” the date. Bottom Line… Plan your date, put some effort into it.

Your conversations

Well, let’s be honest when you go out on a date it seems like it’s a competition for guys to show off how macho they are. This is a fools game. When you are on your date, your not there to show of your skills. Remember Actions are louder than words so keep that in mind. Focus on your date. You are there to have a good time, so be polite and ask about her work, interests, hobbies. Don’t overwhelm her with how big of a hot shot you are. Really listen to her, and make eye contact… Have you given her any complements?

Talking too much can be bad

Have you ever started talking to your date about previous experiences? Usually this conversation morphs into a spat about your past. Try to steer clear of your disasters, and previous problems. This is a one way ticket to a dead beat date. Conversations need be casual, and light so try not to discuss too much about your past relationships. Your date will wince and may give you a cold look. Dating is not a gossip fest about your past or her past. Dating is for getting to know your date for who they are. Zero in on a topic that you have in common and build from there. This will help you have a nice time, and judgment won’t be passed.

Clean language is a must. Swearing, Rudeness and complaining are bad qualities to have on a date. They tend to end up embarrassing someone, like your date.

Don’t go crazy with smelling nice. Make sure your not a potpourri jar or someone may pass out. Subtle, soft, clean smelling fragrances are the way to go.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself on the first date. If you want to keep the spark alive then you may want to keep your date guessing… The chase is on and the excitement begins.

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