Online Dating – Age Related Nonsense?

Computer dating has half-revolutionised relationships. It’s fun to meet someone online and to start a relationship, of sorts. But, in my view, None of them seem to have the appeal of younger conquests.

Of course, it’s age-related. The young people will undoubtedly have their oats every day of the week, move on quickly to the next conquest, hardly stopping for breath in between discovering different bed sheets and car seats. For oldies, a relationship is often difficult to sustain, because we’ve probably been there, done that, got the wet T shirt. We’ve been hurt, fed up, dominated. We don’t want that again, and are very wary of second chances. I haven’t analysed it too much, but, for those who sneer at the thought, maybe that’s what holds us back?

Much of the excitement is also in the ‘chase’ – one tends to get hooked on contacting people online, trying a bit of banter, getting some interest, then moving on again to the next contact. My friend is heavily involved in this arena. Rarely, in his experience, does a contact with someone last more than the heart-trembling couple of messages; by then, he is usually peed off with the whole idea of meeting a stranger, or needs that ‘magic fix’ of contacting the next potential.

But yes, he says, it IS fun. Healthy too, as you don’t have to leave your computer, your house, your inhibitions. Try it. Computer dating might be your thing. Or you might just end up with an Amstrad.