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Online Dating Tips – Safety Online

A lot of people believe that love can strike anywhere. You can be out with friends, you can be in an art gallery, at the mall, and maybe online. The risks we take when we get into a relationship with people we meet is the same, wherever we chanced upon them. You can be as vulnerable to be hoodwinked by a person you meet online as by a person you meet at the office.

There is no difference in the dangers lurking about between cross gender and same gender dating. Online dating should be gotten into carefully by men, women, and gays alike. We all still hear the same comments on online dating, it’s not safe because we really wouldn’t know who the person is at the other end of the computer until we see them and spend time with them.

But we do see them, and we do spend time with them even if it is electronic. One general safety tip is that we should take things slowly. Never jump at the first email, expressing excitement to meet up. Take time to exchange emails, chat and video chat, even phone calls before deciding to either meet up or have a relationship.

If the person you are communicating with online is adamant early on in knowing intimate information about you, such as your address or place of work, gently inform them that you are not ready to give those out. Don’t pretend it is not an issue on his/her trustworthiness because it is. If this person is worth your time, s/he’ll understand that trust is built gradually.

Lastly, tell your friends about this guy/girl. It is better that other people you trust and who love you know what you’re up to than keeping it secret.