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The Dangers Of Online Dating – Recent Murders

I’ll begin with the most recent story of how truly dangerous online dating can be. I’m sure we all know that online dating can be quite the gamble. Is your life worth that risk. I would say that’s a pretty big gamble to take. Just recently a man whose name is Abraham Fortune’s account was deleted and removed from a dating website. Fortune did not mention that he had a criminal record. He also did not state that he was a convicted triple murderer that had served 11 years in prison.

A Phoenix man named Wade Ridley was found in Las Vegas in front of the Hard Rock Hotel in another woman’s vehicle. He drove his Ex-girlfriends car to Las Vegas to elude the police. He left Phoenix after he brutally stabbed his ex girlfriend Anne Simenson with a machete. Before this tragedy happened He left another woman for dead after beating her repeatedly, stabbing her and then left her for dead. Ridley was a member of the dating website

Online dating is the new age way to meet people and find your “true love.” How well do you really know a person in general, let alone from simply reading there profiles online. If someone expresses that much interest in you as you do in them isn’t it worth finding out if they’re legit in what they tell you? Information can be obtained through private investigators who specialize in online dating service investigations. You may think to go through all that would be such a hassle. If you had enough interest in this person I would say the “hassle” could possibly just save your life.

Things to do to ensure your safety when dating online

1. Best and safest route, hire a private Investigator to obtain information about the person in question before meeting them in person.

2. Always leave the name of the person with a family member.

3. Always carry a cell phone.

4. Always meet them in a public place.

5. Best to have your own form of transportation in case something does not feel right you can leave.

It seems like more of a gamble and a hassle to have to be that cautious, just to go out on a date. To hire someone that can provide you with information behind this particular person could ultimately give you piece of mind. It will allow you to feel safer in knowing that your date is not a criminal or someone that could endanger your life.

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