Singles Dating Challenge – How to Cross the ‘Friend Zone’

May be you are one of those people who fancy your friend in a romantic way. For singles it might means that one of your friends might become a real soul mate to you. Crossing from friendship zone to a lover zone is a common singles dating challenge. You do not want to lose your friendship with a person of the opposite sex but sometimes the feelings you have for her/him are so strong you have to find a way of crossing over. Putting yourself in the line of communicating your feelings to your friends is a great risk of rejection. Many have argued whether it is possible to have a relationship with an opposite sex friend without imagining how they would be like in bed. It is quite frustrating if all the attractive people around you see you as a general friend.

Being stuck in a ‘friends zone’ is a great singles dating challenge but you can overcome it and date the people you want to date without limitations. To act like you want to date, flirt as much as possible. If romance is in your head by the time you meet your friend, let it show. Do not try to withhold it. Flirting fuels the chemistry between you and your new friend. Its not a crime if your friend catches you checking her out but do not appear like you are gawking. People hate drooling friends and so try your best to make him/her think its her own imagination but at least she imagined. All the flirting techniques such as light touching and genuine compliments can help you cross the friend’s zone without much effort.

You will be categorized as a friend if you are always the problem solver. Does your opposite sex friend run to you every time they are in a fix? If yes then you might be having singles dating challenge in making your friend your lover. If she or he associates you with problems, it is quite obvious that she does not think of you having good times together. It is good to come in and help occasionally but do not always be a friend in deed only in times of troubles. If the problem requires your attention, do not dedicate all your time. Say something to suggest that something else or someone else needs you attention. Keep her guessing about your little mysteries.

To be able to cross the friend’s zone and date the person you want, you have to create sweet memories of your moments together. You already know your friend and so her hobbies and interests are no news to you. Take advantage of that and make sure you initiate fun activities that he/she does not do with other friends. This makes her have special memories about you and these will eventually translate into romantic feelings. Having unique fun is actually the best way to beat singles dating challenge experienced by friends who want to date another friend and still maintain their friendship.