Top Dating Tips – The 5 Best and 5 Worst Places for Singles to Meet Potential Dates

Singles almost always ask me where to meet other high quality singles. Here are some of the top suggestions for the best and worst places to meet singles I have shared over the years with my coaching clients.

The 5 Worst Places for Singles to Meet

1. A bar or club: When people are drinking, drugging, and going for “the pickup”, that’s what it is. I know there are some that would disagree and say they have met others on

2. At a traffic light: Although it has been done before, picking someone up while driving in your car is mostly Hollywood and may not be t

3. Home Alone: How are you going to meet people if you are hibernating, eating ice cream and watching TV? You must go out, mix and mingle to have a social life.

4. At work: There’s a saying, don’t …. Where you eat. I think it’s a bad idea to date people you work with. It’s potentially messy, job-threatening, and may lead to unneeded harassment suits, etc.

5. Online chat room: Although this has become very popular, proceed with caution. People can say anything, but especially online. If you decide to meet anyone in public you met online, you might want to bring a friend or two with. Never give them your personal information until you are ready.

Five of the best ways for like-minded singles to meet:

1. At an activities club: Common interests make for good friendships. If you become involved in a diving club, a ski club, a dining club, or a walking club, you can begin to meet other singles with shared interests.

2. Through friends: Your friends can introduce you to other singles. The best way to do this is at parties or other events, where there is no pressure, but rather an opportunity to mix an mingle. Maybe you will find a good match for yourself that way!

3. At a singles event: There are singles nights, speed dating, and singles activities clubs in most areas. Find one you like, and try it out. Go again and try again. There are even singles cruises that you can go on. Bring a friend!

4. Community events: Getting involved with community activities and causes is a great opportunity to meet others while getting involved in good causes. If you are a pet enthusiast, a political activist, or a child advocate. If you look online, or in the paper, you will see community events related to your cause. Get involved. Help others.

5. Taking classes: Is there a class that you have always wanted to take? Maybe ballroom dance, computers, art, or cooking. These are great ways to meet new friends and potential people to date.

Of course, take your time getting to know people. Dating is about building relationships over time. Take it easy, take it slow. If you seem too eager or anxious you may scare people off. Think big picture and long haul. Take your time to select friends and dates that meet your qualifications.

I hope this will get you started being a successful single!