Sure Win Dating Tips – Your First Date

Need dating tips for first date? Read on for the best tips on how to make your first date a memorable one!

Making a favorable first impression on your first date with a woman is very important. Only if you succeed in interesting her in yourself can you even hope for a second date. So that first date decides the future of your relationship with the woman. Women don’t think in the same way as men and that is something you must remember when trying to understand how to impress them.


Some men, out of ignorance, make all the wrong moves which effectively send women feel like running in the other direction from where they are. So beware of making a faulty opening moves, do not be overcome by nervousness and try to put your date at ease by relaxing yourself. Here are a few dating tips for that first date to get you started on the right note:

Dating tip #1

Remember that it is only a first date, and neither of you is making any commitment whatsoever. Try and be casual and funny, make fun of some odd habit you might have, and if you think she is going to be perfect, let me tell you here, that nobody is. It’s a date and not a wife hunting expedition, so try and make friends with the lady first.

Dating tip #2

If you give her an expensive gift on the very first date then you are ruining your own chances, because you are painting a very desperate picture of yourself in front of her. You can not buy yourself a second date, and such a gesture might in fact offend the lady in question. So be casual, and friendly, on your second date you can give her something nice like flowers or chocolates to thank her for the wonderful time you had on the first one.

Dating tip #3

Honesty is the best policy as far as first dates are concerned. Be yourself, it is crucial to act like you really are so that she gets to know you and like you for what you are. Do not start a charade and complicate matters.

Dating tip #4

To score on the first date you have to make the conversation very interesting so that she wants to go out with you again. Make the conversation smooth and try not to make her yawn with factual nitty gritty. Talk about her, what you like in her most and why, this will enable her to relax her inhibitions and get going

Dating tip #5

Refrain from using cheesy compliments and clich├ęd pick up lines. A woman is quick to spot a compliment that is fake and borrowed. Nothing can be more harmful than lousy compliments. Try to be sincere, original and innovative. A woman always prefers a man with these qualities. Try something like “your dress compliments your eyes.”

Dating tips for your first date are something everyone needs. Keep these in mind but do not follow them rigidly. Every one has their own styles and the most important rule here is to be yourself, with no borrowed finery from others. So to conclude, the key to making a great impression on the first date is really just be at ease with yourself and play it by ear.