The Perfect Online Dating Profile

When writing your ad, just like your appearance, you want to put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression. You also want the “Real” you to light up your page.

Always post at least one


First of all, pick an appropriate User Name (Profile Name). You can be cute, clever, silly, but please avoid being too sexually suggestive (unless you don’t mind being blatantly propositioned!) because you will attract negative, sexual attention. Or, you will turn off a good prospect. I’m not a prude, but I find myself totally ignoring men with overtly, sexual User Names. Just make sure that the User Name you choose, is a good representation of you.

A couple of my pet peeves are-Age and Height/Build

Even though you are 43, and all of your friends (during Happy Hour at your local bar) tell you, “Gurl!/Player!/Stud! You look like you are in your twenties!” Please…PLEASE do not put your age as 29! Especially when you state you’ve been on your job for 20 years and you have a set of 18 year old twins! If you are going to “

” your age, please review your entire profile and make sure it makes sense!

If you are considered a Big Beautiful Woman/Man, please don’t check “Athletic” build box! Even though

may consider yourself athletic… Your

doesn’t! Women, if everyone you meet says, “you have such a beautiful

!” Go directly to the BBW/Full Figured box…and check it!

Men, just because you look like you are trying to hide an

ball under your shirt, does not mean you have an

build! If you are a short man, and believe you are overlooked and not given a chance because you feel all women are looking for tall men, don’t lie about you height! Trust me…there are a lot of women who want men to be at eye level.

Make sure your profile says: “Me”. Feel free to change your profile as often as

change. If you decide not to respond to profiles without photos? Say so! If you hate “smiles” and “flirts”…Say so! You have the right to be exactly who and what you are…and someone is looking just for


Be creative, honest, even controversial! But most of all…be You…and have fun!