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Online Dating – My Winning Strategy For Finding Love Online

The online dating industry is booming. As we work harder and longer and others around us couple up, meeting fellow singles via conventional methods can be very difficult. However, the dating pool is never as shallow as it sometimes seems and what many don’t realise is how quick and easy it is to establish relationships with other local singles using nothing but the internet. Many will experience needlessly low success rates. By using just a little common sense you can however significantly improve your chances of success.

The first obvious point to make is that online dating is still a numbers game. There is now a broad range of well established dating sites, many of which will allow you to browse their members for free just by creating a short profile. It doesn’t matter what you include at first – you can always change it later. Just join as many as you can, browse all the profiles that fall within your target demographic within your search area, and then consider subscribing via a paid membership to enable you initiate contact with other members.

The key secret to achieving success in my experience is your choice of other members to target over the course of your search. Most members will focus all their efforts on the most physically attractive members or the most successful. Although this may seem like the most obvious thing to do, in truth this approach will drastically reduce your chances of success. These types of members will be the target of many others’ campaigns and will never have the time or will to respond to all messages and check out all the profiles of fellow members that have initiated the contact. They key to success is to slightly lower your standards and target members that are slightly less likely to approached by others. This members will be flattered by your approach, will take the effort to check out your profile and respond to your messages, and will be much more agreeable to meeting up should you decide to take things further.