Dating Scent and Attraction – How Single Women Can Use Fragrance to Attract Men on the First Date

We portray more than we say. Body language, tone, your clothes and other indicators can send a stronger message than the words that come out of your mouth.

For singles and especially single

, secondary cues and messages are particularly important during the first date, where the first impression can “make or break” the night. With the rise of new dating activities such as speed dating, the first impression has to express the right message – quickly!

Clothes and body language are obvious vectors for sending a message to your date. Less obvious, is the importance of scent. Not to be overlooked – scent and the messages they carry – are actually stronger indicators than we realize. Dr. Ian Kerner, a sex therapist and relationship counsellor, says “smell is a powerful sense that goes directly to the core of our emotional brain [playing] a key role in attraction.”

Scent dictates more than we think:

36% say delicious scents can “make” a first date

81% of men think a woman who smells great makes her more attractive

35% would sleep with a woman due to her fragrance alone

42% of men say they have fantasized about a woman’s fragrance

So how can a scent-savvy single use fragrance for a first date? Since first-dates are often short, and speed dating is – well, speedy – you can use fragrance to express aspects of your personality, saving you time and a spot in his memory.

Use our guide to help pick what perfume is right for you on your first date. Find the personality trait that you wish to emphasize, and choose a scent that works with that. Don’t worry if you don’t know your brands; included are suggestions to help you get started.

Wear: Sweet

Suggestions: Chacherel’s Amor Amor

Wear: Flowery

Suggestions: Anais Anais

Wear: Exotic

Suggestions: Yves St Laurent’s Opium

Wear: Woody, Herbal

Suggestions: Karma by Lush, , Calvin Klein Obsession

Wear: Tangy

Suggestions: Davidoff Cool Water; Donna Karan Be Delicious;

Wear: Light

Suggestions: Burberry Weekend

Wear: Spicy

Suggestions: Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey

Wear: Delicious

Suggestions: Vanilla Fields