How Does Online Dating Work?

The way online dating is

to work, is as follows:

You find a site that you feel comfortable with, then set up your profile. Your profile should contain a photo and all of your stats; age, location, height, build, occupation, education, etc.

The purpose of the profile, is to be able to find other singles that you have something in common with.

At this point, you will begin to exchange emails and instant messages. You continue on this path until you find someone you would like to get to know better and on a more personal level. Hopefully, they feel the same way.

The two of you continue to communicate online until both of you are comfortable and trusts each other enough to exchange phone numbers. Please listen to me when I tell you; do not give out your personal phone number until you are 100% sure this person is trust worthy. If you cannot honestly say you trust this person, you call them with a prepaid calling card.

You can purchase a calling card for 1-2 cents per minute. There are other hidden charges (.49 per call connection fee, a weekly non-usage fee, etc.) but it is worth it to insure your privacy. If the person you are calling tries to *69 (this may differ per city, county or state) to obtain your private home phone #, they will receive a recorded message like:

“The phone number you have reached belongs to a commercial phone card company. You will not be able to reach your intended party at this number.”

The personal phone calls should be the beginning of a fact finding and confirming mission. Then and only then, can you begin to form a relationship. Up to this point, you have been dealing with a

Take your time…get acceptable answers to your questions…insist on clarification. At this point a lot of people may decide that establishing a relationship with you is more trouble that it’s worth! Good…better sooner than later!

Good luck…your mate is out there waiting for You!