Being ‘Lucky’ With Women and Dating

Any dating teacher who comes at the approach to women of being ‘lucky’, I would question what they are doing and teaching.

There really is a lot of bad advice out there and I just have to say it. Some of the advice out there will actually make things worse, damage your psyche, repel women even more and

get you further away from success with women.

Mainstream advice (including men’s magazines) is pretty far off too. Take her on an expensive dinner date and maybe you’ll ‘get lucky’ at the end of it.

All of it is so antiquated. Women don’t want massive levels of pressure and social expectation forced upon them. When you go on a date and pay for her time with money or gifts, they

feel like they ‘owe’ you something.

That’s most likely not going to get you anywhere. It’s a waste of time and money if she’s not interested in you.

The men’s magazines are notorious for setting men up for failure.

Not only are they leaders of sexploiting women as a behavioral conditioning stimulus for men to habitually fear, but they give men terrible advice.

Things like, do this and you ‘might’ get lucky with her. We’d lose one testicle just to have a date with her, etc.

And the men take what’s in front of them as truth especially when the women with these same attributes behave this way; it only further reinforces her as ‘the prize’.

You take this relational approach of being the response to a woman’s (body or ‘sexuality’) and you will consistently fail.

It’s not in the pick-up lines; those only exacerbate the problem and make it even clearer to her because women already know where you’re coming from.

From your relational approach they can tell if they’re interested, maybe interested or definitely not interested. In the maybe interested, they just want to find out more if you can hold your own against her ‘power’.

It’s a relational power game upfront with dating. If you’re a mainstream guy, you’ve been conditioned to fail with women whether you know it or not.

If the pussy is on a pedestal and you’re the ‘response’, your body language will be broadcasting all the wrong things. That’s why it’s so ‘difficult’.

Any putting the woman as the prize to be caught is ineffective.

It’s unnatural. Why? Because the way of attraction is that the woman is the response to the stimulus of man.

She can’t feel natural attraction or physiological response if he’s doing the backwards thing society tells him to do.

She can’t trust him or open up to him if she knows he’s too eager to ‘get some’ of her as the prize. There’s no value in it for her unless she’s really horny and desperate at the time.

Who has the relational authority and power when it’s the man who could ‘get lucky’?

The woman does. And that’s what’s wrong. It doesn’t work that way.

Oh sure, if she wants to use him for more meals or to lock him in for a long-term relationship for his social and personal attributes, the guy could be ‘lucky’…but she still owns him.

So anything that says ‘do this’ to ‘get lucky’ with women is just coming from the behavioral reality of women being the prize and you’re just like another hot dog trying to ‘get some’.

The answer is in relational dynamics. Re-condition yourself (not from inner game because it’s not enough) to never give your power away and put sexy women in the proper relational


You have to be the stimulus so they can physiologically trust you in order for them to open up. This is near impossible for most men and it’s getting worse.

The way of the natural and those few which are ‘above the game’ is a different relational reality completely. It’s one where there isn’t any luck, rather predictable and consistent results.

Sure there will be variables on the levels of response but there is no fear, no drama, no ‘luck’.

If you believe like most men that you’d be ‘lucky’ just to get in bed with a woman and you actually care about this area of your life, seriously seek the answers. You will find a lot in my resources that will get you on the right track.

It’s not enough that you re-affirm to yourself that ‘I’m the prize’ because that’s not got enough leverage up against the exploited beauty of these women to make a real change for you.

Re-affirming or ‘believing’ that you deserve beautiful women in most cases isn’t enough because of your emotional attribution and behavior conditioning which habitually says you don’t deserve them.

My success with women is consistent and even predictable.

Learn the way. Luck is for the ignorant. Power, attraction and sex is for the cognizant men who are applying relational dynamics.