Computer Dating – The Best Option

Choosing a life partner can be traumatic at the best of times. The fickle world of dating and romance can be an ordeal, especially if you find yourself dating a series of unsuitable people. For women, the experience can be stressful and fruitless; for men it can be equally frustrating and sometimes expensive.

Professionals are turning more and more to computer dating for suitable partners with whom to share a social life. In many cases, a permanent liaison is not what the person is seeking. So few single professionals have the time for a serious relationship and many avoid long term commitment, due to career pressure. Alternatively, some are actively seeking the perfect match for their own personality and life style and find that computer selection is the most reliable method to ‘weed out’ unsuitable candidates.

There are certainly pros along with the obvious cons. The main advantage is that, hopefully, the computer will rule out everyone with incompatible living standards, leaving only those who are able to ‘keep up’ with the cost of their date’s choice of restaurant, nightclub or other entertainments. Common interests can be targeted to match up those with the same outlook, likes, dislikes, politics and even tastes in books and movies.

There is also the undeniable benefit of not having to subject oneself to the embarrassment of turning up for a date, arranged or contrived in some way by friends, only to find the person they believe is the man or woman of your dreams is in fact the nightmare from hell you have been dreading all your life.

The downside of computer dating is of course that very few dating agencies who use computers factor in the element that opposites sometimes irresistibly attract and the happiest of relationships are often those which seem unlikely from the outset. The other most obvious flaw is that human beings are notoriously self admiring and are unlikely to feed entirely honest information into the computer in the first place. We all know what happens in the computer world when you feed garbage in – you get garbage out!