Safe Dating Practices For Women

In the last several years the modern art of dating has seen many changes come about. In past times you would meet a prospective partner by going out on the social scene, at local activities such as church or other community connections. With the introduction of the internet into the modern dating procedures a different and new world of choices to find a partner were brought about. And of course as with any good thing that comes along there are some not so good things that come with it. Some of the people you will meet online will not use the same guidelines or rules that you use when trying to find a date online. Yes, just like in the real world of dating the internet version comes complete with those shallow, narrow minded, jackasses that are only out to take from the relationship but not give anything back. Then there are the ones that are even worse than that, the darker element of society. That is the reason each and every single woman, from young to old should learn basic self defense techniques from a professional qualified instructor.

This will be one of the more important skill sets that all women should consider. You can gain these skills usually from a local Martial Arts Academy, the local YMCA, YWCA, and possibly through your local law enforcement agencies. With this type of access to basic self defense training there are no reasons any woman should have to fear an assault from a new dating prospect. Now while it is advised to pursue any opportunities you can find to get basic self defense training, there are some things that can be done to make your date a safe one and all you need to do is use common sense.

Women everywhere need to use caution when meeting a new date. Do not allow him to come to your residence and pick you up, instead arrange to meet them at a mutually agreed on location, one that you are comfortable with. It should be a well lit, busy, and public venue so that there is a reduced opportunity for a would be attacker to gain an advantage. This will also allow you to have your own transportation available in case things just do not work out. Not to many things are worse than a night on the town with the wrong person.

Here are a few more things that single women should practice to insure a safe online dating experience.

1. Never give out your home address or other personal information to strangers

2. Dress appropriately; do not give out false impressions

3. Be sure a relative or close friend knows who, what, when, and where before you leave for your date

4. Do not ever leave your drink un-attended

5. Carry your preferred personal protection device at all times