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Cougar Singles – Older Women, Younger Men Relationships

What is a cougar single? Who are they, and what is a “cougar” anyway?

Ever since the term “Cougar ” came in to existence it seems as if the dating community has bred off a new kind of relationship. Cougar singles and relationships have been exploding in popularity and have become quite the romantic modern conversation.

The term cougar singles has been growling up a scene and growing in popularity ever since Ashton and Demi said the ” I do’s” in a discrete wedding in Beverly Hills. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have become the poster couple for the cougar subject and much of the reason it became such a popular subject. Demi Moore (47) and Ashton Kutcher (31) have been married since 2005 and have been reportedly happy since. They have come to signify what it means to be in a cougar relationship and what it means to be a ‘cougar couple’ in a ‘cougar relationship.’

Typically ‘cougar relationships’ are older women who enjoy the company of younger men and visa verse. Although, some might say that it isn’t just about age – it’s an attitude and perspective. It means being true in the spirit, wise in the mind, and young in the body. Most cougar couples that you come across will say that chemistry, friendship, and communication are the common traits that they have in common.

In the traditional sense of the word however, the male is younger, confident, intellectual, and passionate. Usually he is young in spirit, mind, body, wisdom and information about current events and the world. The younger guy is sometimes referred to as a “cub”, but if you ask most real cougar guys they usually don’t appreciate the term as much.

The ‘real cougar women’ will tell you that confidence, passion, communication, friendship, independence, intellectual capacities, and having a zest for life are the qualities of a real cougar woman. Typically they are women who know what they want and have a quest to find someone who can appreciate real friendship and openness. They usually are attracted to younger to ( not always ) men who are more ambitious, healthy, insightful, understanding, intellectual, and modernized.

The cougar singles and older women / younger men topic has been getting quite a buzz and is projected to gain in popularity in the next couple of years. What once was though of as a quirky fad has really started to become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. As the cougar subject and cougar singles pop up in popularity it will be interesting to see how its sub-cultured origins and catch phrase will evolve.