Dating Tips – How to Play the Players

Have ever heard of the players being played? Yes you can actually beat them in their own game using their tricks. There are many tricks in the books which can be learnt and mastered with ease and can be implemented through practice. Most of the dating tricks used by the so called players are quite similar which makes the job even more easier for you. Read on to find out how you can play the players.

They all read the same books- Yes that’s right! They all read the same dating books, use the same pick up lines, and Use the same tactics. Now the question you might ask is if they all use the same tactics how do they manage to succeed. Well in simple terms only because these tactics work that’s why they are discussed almost in all those dating books. There are some proven and effective laws and ways which seem to work with almost all human beings every single time.

Learn from a player- Well who would you go to if you had to learn basketball? Michael Jordan of course. Therefore similarly to learn how to become a real player you should learn from the players. Try and observe the way they dress up, what they talk about, their body language, and the way they carry and present themselves.

Learn to talk like a player- This is the most important trait of almost every player out there. They all are very effective communicators. They know what to talk about, when to talk about, what topics to choose, what words to use and how to convey their message effectively. Now this is one art which can not be mastered overnight. You need constant practice and different people to talk to every time to get different view points and to understand different personalities.