Signals When Dating Online – How to Know When a Woman is Interested in You

Sometimes we may be so busy running after women that we fail to see the signs of those that are interested in us. There are many signals that women give out to show her interest in you. They can range from very subtle and hard to notice signals, to outright obvious ones. It is even harder to recognize this when you are on a free online dating site. This is because most signals are done with body language, which is impossible to spot when you are sitting behind your computer screen, but there are other ways that they can get their message across.

Firstly, if a woman is interested in you, you may notice that every time you login, she is online too and has sent you a message saying hi. This is her indirect way of putting herself innocently in a position where you can communicate with her, without her asking you to come online. If this happens, you should take the chance to see where it could lead by encouraging conversation with her.

If a woman always has time for you, this could be a sign she is interested. If she can always make time to come online and chat with you and she never tells you “I am busy” or says she is just coming out of a relationship and needs time get her head together, then these are also good indications that she may have an interest in you. If you asked her to come online and chat, say on Friday, and she cannot, she will offer the next available day. The opposite is true; if she has no time for you and is always too busy, then she has no interest.

If the communication is one sided with you asking all the questions and getting one word answers, then you should just move on. But if a woman seems very interested about you, your work and your life, this is good sign that she likes you. Asking questions is a good way of getting to know someone. So if a woman is asking lots of questions, it means that she likes you.

If you notice that your potential partner gets jealous when you do not spend time chatting with her, this could be yet another sign that she has her eyes on you. Women can get possessive when they like a man, and anything that threatens to take her partner’s attention from her will make nervous and edgy.

Finally, watch for compliments. If a woman is constantly complimenting you or praising things you do, it may be because she wants you to know that she finds you appealing.