Online Dating – 3 Ways To Spot An Online Con Artist

I am sure you are aware that there are con artists everywhere. But at least in public you can usually able to spot the “shady” characters. You can hold your purse a little tighter; you can take your wallet out of your back pocket and put it inside of your jacket pocket.

But online, we are basically a “mark” and there are very few things we can do about it. But we can learn how to identify them in advance and hold our emotional “purse” a little tighter, and put our truth and honesty “wallet” inside, a little closer to our heart.

Years of experience has taught me how to spot an online con artist. However, their “M.O.” changes daily. We have to take responsibility for our “online life”.

The first way to spot an online con artist; they latch onto you and will not let go! You can avoid them and treat them “coolly” and they will not go away.

Most Singles will eventually get their feelings hurt and move on. But not the online con artists. They won’t even “back up”.

The second way to spot an online con artist; they will ask very personal questions. Usually about money and your financial resources.

Even though the questions are very personal, they will do whatever they can to “gently” get that information from you.

The third way to spot an online con artist; they immediately talk about “us”. “Our” future plans. But of course they will have to “borrow” money in order to come and visit you.

They don’t want you to buy the airline ticket; they just want you to wire the money.

As you sit staring into space you will begin to wonder how you went from answering an email all of the way to a stranger on their way to visit you…at your expense!

It is a con…in any language…any country…any planet…it is still a con! Once you spot it? End it! You will be much better off…believe this…!