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Online Dating Personality Types – The Value in Variety

Dating singles online come from various walks of life. All kinds of people are looking for love online, whether male or female, young or old, shy or bold. They also come from different cultures and value systems: Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and Muslim online dating circles exist all over cyberspace. This incredible pool of potential matches makes it a sure bet there is someone out there for you. Another diverse area is that of personality profiles. So… What type of person are you likely to find out there?

Researchers have become quite obsessed with discussing the personalities of online dating singles. Research studies have actually been carried out to try and understand the types of personalities that look for love online, the types that are most compatible and other topics like these.

According to Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who has carefully studied internet dating, people are attracted to others who have a personality that is similar to their own. Astonishingly, chemicals that help determine personality have been found in the brain. Even a blood test can determine some parts of your personality. Fisher restrains from going this far but she does say that the personality tests on dating sites help bring people having similar personalities together and hence are laudable efforts.

Researchers have attempted to label personality types. Are you a director, builder or explorer? Are you a doer or a giver? These and other labels are used to classify personality types on online dating sites.

A person who writes in all caps is definitely an extrovert. In typing, the use of all caps indicates shouting and this obviously means that such a person is eager to be found. Online extroverts like to control the conversation and, if they like you, will fill up your inbox with stories about their fascinating life.

On the contrary, introverts are shy and timid. Dating singles online works well for them because they are normally intimidated by the dynamics of real world dating. Usually having brief profiles, such people will maintain only minimal conversation until they really get to know you.

One of the more unpleasant personality types prevalent on dating sites is “the judge”. These are the people who have an opinion on absolutely everything, which is also almost always negative. JDC who says he has strong opinions is an example of this type of personality.

JDC’s profile states that he “does not like women who talk too much or think too much… He calls these women “dorks” and says he won’t respond to them. Luckily, the fact that JDC (his online nickname) is judgmental is evident from his profile. What would a relationship with JDC be like?

Plenty of online dating singles come under the label of caretakers. Since they are so used to taking care of their kids, single moms tend to want to care for anybody and everybody. Any person who says they like to be needed or can organize really well, falls under the caretaker category. While you can be assured that such people will stand by your side through the toughest of times you need to first decide whether you’ll be able to handle their continuous presence in regular life?

We can better understand this type of personality profile through the experience of online users. As in the prior example, lets use the users nickname: LET34. LET34 met a classic caretaker personality type online. Soon into their communications, it became clear that she needed to feel wanted. LET34 initially enjoyed having someone who cared for him. “However, it soon became a problem. Eventually when we started dating, she would get offended if I bought my own groceries. She was pretty psycho about doing everything,” complains LET34. Of course, the relationship didn’t last.

These are only the few most popular personalities on dating sites. Every person is unique, just like in the real world. When you create your profile make sure it accurately represents you. If including what you consider negative aspects, try to do so with some humour attached.

Variety in online dating makes it fun and challenging; but you can feel at ease and totally enjoy just chatting with a person because unlike in the real world, there are no first date pressures. You can actually forget about tomorrow.