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Online Dating – 3 Ways To Capture His Attention

What is the point of dating online if you can’t capture his undivided attention? That is a basic skill you “must” learn to be successful with online dating.

The first way to capture his attention online begins with your profile. From your User Name to your Personal Essay, you must be able to reach out and “grab” him immediately.

Make sure your main photo will make him come back often just to look at you one more time. Please don’t think you have to have the looks of a “cover girl” because that is far from the truth! You just have to make the most of “you”. Make sure your make up is flattering, your jewelry is complimentary and everything comes together!

When you get to your Personal Essay, you should be charming, energetic and interesting. Anything less just won’t do!

The second way to capture his attention is through your communications. Whatever you do, do not give one person your undivided attention! If you do, you will soon regret it. It makes you appear lonely and too available. You want to avoid giving this impression online! Nobody wants what no one else wants!

When you are communicating make sure you make his time with you an unforgettable pleasure! Something he will never be able to forget. You can be engaging, sexy, fun, entertaining…and then it is time to leave!

The third way to capture his attention is by being elusive. Always leave him wanting more! Always stay slightly out of his reach! Do not respond to his emails immediately.

And whatever you do, do not offer an explanation why! You do not owe him an explanation.

Never spend time online with anyone for hours and hours. What does that say about you? That you have nothing else to do and no one else to do nothing with! (Yes…I meant to say it that way! It is not a grammatical error!)

So, if you will follow these three easy ways to capture his attention, you will capture his attention each and every time!