Writing Dating Profiles: Words and Wording to Avoid

Words and wording to avoid when you are writing your dating profile: make these mistakes and you may well kill your chances of successful online dating.

In a related article I looked at photo blunders in dating profiles, but today I am looking at the words and wording you should avoid using in your dating profile. You can learn much about people who have written a profile from what they do not say or the way in which they say what they say, than you might think. Use this to your advantage. Here are some ” hidden indicators ” to avoid using yourself.

1. Trying to make yourself sound ” dangerous ” in your ID name in your dating profile.

Using words such as ” bad “, ” devil ” or ” crazy ” will only bring the wrong kind of attention. Men are particularly prone to this error. Much better to use an ID name which is a shortened form of your own name plus a number, or a sincere description of yourself, or something similar. Also, don’t include the current year in your ID name: if it’s October when you write it, for example, come January it will look as if you have been searching for a year or more.

2. Saying you have nothing to say.

Actually saying that you have nothing to say or that you only want others to ask you questions will send out a clear signal to those browsing the dating profiles that you may be somebody who is really not very interesting…

3. Actually having nothing to say.

Following on from point 2. above, not actually saying much at all about yourself in your profile. Singles browsing the profiles want to find out about you, not find an evasive or vacuous personality behind the picture.

4. Don’t strip your emotions bare.

Saying in your profile that you are involved in a lifelong search for happiness, or you want to find someone to bear you lots of children, is a risky strategy. These things may be your ultimate goals but to limit yourself to singles who are willing to respond to these overtly-stated goals is too great a narrowing down of the field and will exclude many who you might well be suited to. The commonly-used ” seeking my soul mate “is not as bad. ” Looking for new friends” is much better, but be creative.

5. Don’t over-sell yourself in your dating profile.

Don’t describe yourself as ” beautiful “, or ” God’s gift to men (or women) ” or the like. You will only come across as very self-centred.

6. Being over-precise about what you are looking for.

If you are over-precise about what you are looking for in a date, laying down to many specific criteria, you may come across as somebody who has been looking for a while without success and has now become over choosy and even a little bitter about dating in general.

7. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

You want to stand out, not get lost in the personals crowd. So don’t copy the wording of other people’s dating profiles. Of course you can use what they say as inspiration, but make it your own, about you as an individual single person.

The most appealing and successful dating profiles are those that make the single person behind them sound interesting and fun. Someone who is sincere and genuine and is not trying to misrepresent themselves in any way. Just as when you meet new people for the first time, you want to come across as a happy, caring person who is great company!