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Why Free Online Dating Sites Are More Popular Than Paid Dating Sites?

If one has to compare the quality between free and paid, one would most probably choose paid because it is a common belief that paid services have better quality over free services. Well, not anymore. At least that’s what I have witnessed recently. Let’s take an example of dating sites. There used to be times when if daters chose to find love online, they became members of paid online dating sites. Many paid sites emerged since. Simply put, if you have money you are allowed to date online. Otherwise, keep sending winks or hi messages.

Thereafter, started the era of free online dating sites. Markus Frind started this free dating site which became very popular, many followed suit. I must admit that I do not see much difference between the quality of the two, that is paid and free dating services.

Free online dating sites offer the flexibility of finding a date without time restrictions. There are no membership fees. If you couldn’t find love within those 6 – 8months paid subscription period, or you went away on vacation, you don’t have to renew your membership.

Many free online dating sites offer dating and relationship forums where members and non members can chat and share their issues or problems related to dating and relationships. You do not have to be paid member in order to participate in these dating forums.

Hot links are offered by many free sites where not only is it easy to find potential lover, it is also pretty fast. Withing only a few clicks, you can see the potential matches that fit your partner preference criteria.