Online Dating Pro’s and Con’s!

The Pro’s of online dating are the following:

1. The volume. You will have an enormous pool of individuals to choose from and the chances of someone interesting being in your area is definitely pretty good.

2. Getting in early. Since online dating is relatively new and very much still growing, if you get in now you’ll be alongside other individuals who are new to the game as well. Online dating will eventually become over done. Too many idiots will enter the scene and people will become very cautious and have their guard up.

But for now there are still easy going, everyday individuals willing to engage themselves fully in the online dating scene.

The Con’s:

1. The disadvantages of online dating is the inconsistencies you have to deal with. While it can be an advantage, the high volume can serve as a negative. Many profiles will be abandoned by individuals who signed up to the online dating site and have since left, having perhaps given up or more likely not following through.

2. So it may take some time to weed through abandoned accounts, and hence may become frustrating at times when you don’t get a response back from a member on an online dating site.

Very important:

While it may be easy to communicate online, you must be prepared to have your game down for real life interaction. Online dating should not only be spent meeting other people, but it should be spent researching and learning intimate dating skills and techniques so that you’ll be prepared for real life encounters. You should be practiced and prepared to impress your online date with real life intimate skills!