Recommendations For Men – Taking the Best Online Dating Photo

Your online dating photo is usually the first impression people will get when looking at your dating profile. Follow these dating photo tips for men to ensure you leave the right impression first time around.

You need to decide what to include in your dating profile photo. Common choices are having fun with friends, smiling into the camera or a full shot of your well toned body. If you are wondering which of these are best to use, remember that more is actually better. So if you have a toned six-pack worth mentioning do not hesitate to show it. The best bodies will naturally get the most attention and this is exactly what you need.

When it comes to your face research shows that there is no real benefit to reveal your face in your profile photo so that leaves a little room for more interesting shots. But if you want to include your face in the dating photo, opt to slightly look away from the camera when the shot is taken as opposed to smiling directly into the camera. Women like a little mystery when it comes to men and this will leave something for the imagination. You will quickly notice the increase in hits amongst your viewers when using this technique.

As for the quality of your online dating photo, try using a digital camera rather than your web cam or cellphone camera. People prefer a high quality photo much more than a low quality one and if needed, ask one of your friends to take it for you. There are just something odd about a self-shot photo so a web cam or cellphone is not the way to go when you want to gain popularity. Most people will agree that they will react to higher quality online dating photos first as that draws more attention and speaks somewhat about the person himself.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can easily choose a dating profile picture that will attract a lot of attention and quickly increase your hits with all viewers.