Looking For Love Online – Use Dating Sites

For many years I used to be at bars, festivals and other parties or meetings and honestly I was not there for beers or music. Honestly I have been looking for love or love relations. I was mainly looking for a girl friend, rather a woman to find lasting love.  I admit I had share of my dates. My father was not Frankenstein; some ladies did consider me handsome. But at the end I was all alone, sleeping in a bed that was too big.  Things changed when I bought a modem and went online. I started my browsing in those sites where music was available. Remember I am a music lover but it lasted few days.  

It was the first site for me that offer dating service. For me the first would become the last, I never thought. Sooner I registered with the site, in seconds; thousands of women entered my profile. I was puzzled, after a brief period of thought; I wrote to a girl, her name was Pearl.  I thought that could not be her real name. Just after a day, she responded. We exchanged seven mails. It was clear that she just wanted to chat with me. I understood her type, her type of girls are easily available at festival or parties. You know, we split up and it was not as painful as I was not emotionally attached with her. It seemed I have come to terms with my emotional damage and can bear it. 

I became serious and looked for them who appeared serious to be looking for love online. I thought there is always someone like me, somewhere in the net in search of love relationship.  I needed a woman with unsuspecting heart, ready to offer unconditional love, exactly what I was looking for. And I found her at last, my love. We are happily married now and I am father of two kids. Are you surprised! Why I am telling all these? Because I felt, it is better to share my experience than to watch the spread of bitterness. I believe that online dating works for learning to love again or to find the lasting love. Consider, first, there is choice, next there is comfort.

After all on the net you can meet thousands of people still stay at the comfort of your home. You have the liberty to write anytime you feel convenient. May be you want one, who stays just around the corner, as I wanted. For me, I regretted not knowing her earlier. But thanked the site that helped me to find her, my love!