The Best Things to Do While Dating Your Boyfriend

There is a fine line between getting to know a man and being the kind of girlfriend who settles for being with a man who’ll date you for years without asking you to marry him.

If you have a pattern of allowing men to take you for a free ride then end up taking off or if you move in with your boyfriend because it’s the thing to do without having him commit to you further, you are not being the kind of woman he truly respects enough to ask for marriage.

It is popular for women to give men everything without them giving a long-term commitment and I think there needs to be more women who live with the sort of attitude that will define them as being women who won’t settle.

I am not advocating being a demanding wrench or giving men ultimatums, I am talking about being a sassy, sexy, elusive, and alluring woman who lives completely unattached while in a relationship.

Living unattached means you care, may have fallen in love, that you’re responsive to your man’s needs, BUT, you portray an aura of self love and respect that will cause him to know that you can live without him and still be very, very happy.

It’s the kind of attitude that will cause your boyfriend to know that he’s found the kind of woman who will not tolerate anything but the best.

Here are ways to remain unattached:

1. Say whatever you want, but sleeping with your boyfriend will attach you to him like superglue and you’ll become too dependent on him if he hasn’t taken the relationship further. A serious liability to you.

2. Have an exciting and amazing life outside of your relationship.

3. Pursue your passions and dream big.

4. Take the high road when you have disagreements and don’t demand attention from your boyfriend.

5. Give him plenty of space and guy time.

6. Remain happy even when things are not going your way.

Don’t lose your brain in a man or try to beat a commitment from him. A secure woman knows how to respond to a man with class and will have that man beg for commitment.