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Online Dating – The Perfect Man

As always, we are looking and hoping for the perfect man. Even online, we are still keeping hope alive.

The Perfect Man…will not call you at the house early in the morning, because he knows you are always running late. But when you get to work and turn your computer on, the first message is from the perfect man: “Good morning Sweetie. I will have you in my thoughts today.”

You’re having a rough day, but thank God it is time to go to lunch! A chance to re-group…when you return to work, there is a bouquet of 18 roses. Each one is a different vibrant color that energized the remainder of your day. Only the perfect man could sense you needed this!

The day is over; you’re rushing around to get an additional 8 hours of unpaid work done in 4 hours! Single motherhood…if it wasn’t for the unconditional love you have for your children…? It would be slavery! The grocery store…the mailbox… dinner… homework… housework…laundry…lay out the school clothes…you take a break and sort through the mail. An uncontrollable smile spreads across your face…there’s a greeting card from your perfect man…that simply says: I’m Thinking Of You! There is also a hand painted, red satin bookmark that says:

It was all you needed to finish your long, tiring day.

It’s almost over…on your way to take a long relaxing bath, you noticed there is a voice message on your phone. Wearily, you retrieve the message…anticipating an issue you really aren’t in the mood to deal with. The message is from the perfect man. His message? “I know you’ve had a long rough day…once you are settled in for the night, give me a call…I want to be the last voice you hear before you go to sleep…then I will meet you in your dreams…”

I have met men online that have treated me this way…are they the Perfect Men?