Best Date Ideas For Dating in Pretoria

For singles living in this part of the world, dating in Pretoria offers a range of options to consider for the first date. Dating experts all advise that the best option is to stick to somewhere neutral and public, such as a coffee shop, for a low-key and short date. The main reason for this is that it gives you less pressure to have to stay put for hours on end if things do not work out as well as you had hoped with the person you are meeting – imagine sitting through a painful dinner with stilted conversation and a growing sense of awkwardness! Even lunch is a bit too much pressure, and cocktails, while tempting are also not recommended as ideally that first date should be alcohol-free. Coffee or something simple and low-key in a nice setting gives the least pressure – all you will need to get through is a cup of coffee after all, and if you really do not feel sparks, you can politely take your cue after you’ve had the last sip, without any further adieu.

Here are some of the top ideas for dating in Pretoria, from the first date venue to the second or even fourth date you may enjoy in the city:

• The First Date

Now that we have determined that coffee dates are the best ideas for first dates, how do you choose the right sort of coffee shop? Dating in Pretoria is all about making the right impression, but at the same time, it’s always best to keep it simple. Consider an outdoor venue if the weather permits, such as the beautiful Ludwig’s Rose Farm, which is situated just 10 minutes out of the city. This beautiful farm has the spectacular backdrop of masses of roses, with a coffee shop perfectly positioned to get the best of this stunning scenery – not to mention some of the best chocolate cake in the country. The Pretoria Zoo is another fun idea, arrange to meet at the restaurant within the zoo grounds and if things go well, you can take a stroll around the zoo afterwards. You could also consider the Pretoria Botanical Gardens for another excellent venue – enjoy a good cup of coffee in the Mokha Restaurant that overlooks the wetlands.

• The Second Date Onwards

While the first date may seem to be the most important, more often than note it is the second date that is the make or break date. You have had a chance to meet, you probably get along – now to see if your date was simply on their best behaviour, or if there will be sparks. You have a few more options to consider for the second date too – if you are easily able to enjoy conversation with your date, then you can consider lunch, or even dinner. If you met your date through dating services, you should have a good idea of their interests and likes and dislikes, so you can get a bit more creative when planning your date. The Pretoria Art Museum gives a chance to stroll around and discuss mutual interests, while hiking along a trail such as Moreleta Spruit Hiking Trail is great for outdoor types. A rugby game at Loftus is recommended only if both parties enjoy the game, while a good dinner at a restaurant such as 643 at The Sheraton Arcadia is also ideal for dating in Pretoria.