Anger and Dating Don’t Mix

Do you know some angry Single people? I’ve met many of them. Many of them aren’t aware of how they come across to others. They are touchy and highly defensive. I usually want to run away from their negative vibe.

What makes it even worse is that so many of these highly angry people want my help to find the love of their lives. I wonder if they have thought about what a contradiction it is to hold onto so much anger and try to bring love into their lives at the same time. They don’t realize that anger repels love.

I have more experience dealing with angry Single women than I do angry Single men, but I know there are angry men out there. Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to attract love into your life, your first order of business has to be to address the anger that is keeping you from getting the love you want.

Sometimes it’s not about you. Sometimes it is. Be brave and do a self-examination. Notice your thoughts. Are they positive and relationship friendly or are they hostile and negative? Do you smile frequently or do you have a constant frown on your face?

Strangely, some very angry people deny they are angry. Some of them were told as children that anger was a bad thing, so they don’t recognize their own feelings and behaviors, even though people who come into contact with them spot the anger instantly. If you aren’t sure, other people can be your mirror to decide if you need to work on anger that you may be hiding from yourself.

Notice how people react to you. Are they warm and engaging or do they shy away from you, making excuses to get away quickly? Do your conversations flow easily or do people hesitate when responding to you (or even begin to engage in arguments with you)? If people seem intimidated by you or simply avoid you, you may be giving off a “don’t mess with me” vibe.

If you’re happy living with anger, you may find it’s a lonely way to go. However, if you’d like to do something different, there are plenty of resources to help you let go of the negativity. If you want to date successfully, the best thing you can do is create some personal happiness. Address the anger right away, for your own sake, for your health, and for your future. Become a Successful Single!